Monday, October 27

The Winner Is! Leah's Monthly Challenge #1

A very big thank you to everyone who entered the first of my monthly challenges. You all did such a great job. And I hope you enjoyed playing along. It amazes me how different each card is, yet inspired from the same picture. It was so very hard to pick a winner, (there all amazing) and everyone I asked in my house, picked a different one which just made it harder for me. Anyway.......

The winner is Kristy, YAHOO!!!! Fantastic card Kristy, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.

Here are the other entries.

This one's from Kathy. (great card Mum)

And Natasha from Natasha's Creations check out her blog.

And here are the cards I made, not nearly as creative as these above. I just recreated the picture on card. What do you think!

Thanks again for playing and keep checking back for my Monthly Challenge #2 It's sooo yummy.


TonyaKuykendall said...

ok, so TOTALLY creative of you to make Elmo's face out of the scalloped circle... LOVIN' IT!

Debbie M said...

BOO HOO! But the month is not finished yet!!! BOO HOOO HOOO - I kept telling myself that I still had till tonight (Thats what I get for leaving it to the last minute LOL) And I even knew what I was doing.. (and it looked very similar to one of the entries LOL)

Debbie M

Debbie M said...

PS: I just went back and re-read the instructions and I was WAY overdue LOL - Sorry will try harder next time.

(Leah - what I had planned to do was almost exactly the same as your second picture LOL)

Debbie M

Natasha said...

Love your Elmos! They are so cute! Looking forward to your next challenge