Saturday, November 1

Halloween Pic's

We had such a great time last night. Although it was a bit windy, Rebecca kept losing her hat. I ran out of time to paint Jamies face but he had the teeth and all the scary vampire sounds. He ran around trying to suck every ones blood. It was great to see so many people decorate their front yards. One house had a Calderon full of lamb brains (popcorn).

Poor Zach was bitten by something the night before, we think mossies, so one eye has swollen up. So he went as boxer who lost the fight.
Our lollie pop ghosts went down a real treat. All the kids loved them and they quickly ran out. Next year we'll have to make 100. I forgot to get a photo of me in the skeleton costume. Oh Well next year.
Hope your all having a great Halloween.

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