Sunday, December 14

Surfing Santa.

I wanted to show you this fantastic card I received from my friend Leanne D. Isn't it great! When you pull the ribbon Santa surf's up and down the wave. I think it's so clever.

Well done Leanne and thank you so much.


Debbie M said...

Hi Leah - I have been a bad bad blogger lately LOL - I see you have friends who are just as talented as yourself - This card is super cute and a great fun card for Christmas.

Debbie M

Mel Hanlon said...

Leah, I left an award for you on my blog

Leanne D said...

Hi Leah, Thank you for your kind comments about this card but I must tell you the original designer. Her name is Jean Mackenzie and she is a very gifted stamper demo from Blackwater. You should check out her blog too. She does gorgeous work and is an exceptional kind generous lady. Cheers, Leanne D.

PS Great to find your blog and that Jamie is in Claire's class!