Wednesday, January 21

Mel's Challenge

I love Mel's Challenge this week, It was just what I needed to get me started with scrapping our holiday photos. We went to Rainbow Beach at the Sunshine Coast and it is just beautiful up there. I actually took some really good photos.

I tried to keep the page as natural as I could by keeping the chipboard raw and using natural colours. I did need to put a bit of red in there.

I really enjoyed this challenge and I'm now motivated to get rest of our holiday photos scraped.


Nerine .P. said...

Ohh these pages are lovely Leah. I'm going to try to do something for this today in amoungst all the cleaning.

Chook said...

Leah, your scrap pages look great. Rainbow is a great spot and thankfully just down the road from us. Cheers Helen

Natasha said...

Just awesome Leah!

Mel Hanlon said...

I love Rainbow Beach! You should have told me, we could have caught up with you there for a weekend! Maybe next time!