Tuesday, July 21

Lynda S

A call out to Lynda S.
Lynda you have left some great comments on my blog and I would love to check out yours but the link isn't working for me. Can you please let me know you blog address.

Thank You.


Robyn said...

If you find out Leah could you let me know rol? I have been trying to find her too!!

Lynda S said...

Sorry to confuse both of u...but I am currently blogless (and a real computer blonde too...LOL!!) I was unaware that when I set up an "identity" to leave comments on blogs with the "orange B" that it gave me some added extras. If u wish to e mail me, pls do so on ellouise1969@hotmail.com Thanks both of u for being so v v sweet in trying to find my blog. I am getting a wee bit of pressure to get my stuff out there...so (hopefully)soon...it will come!! LOL. Thanks again #blush#