Saturday, August 15

Wedding Photo's.

Here are my some of my favorite photo's from the wedding last Saturday. This first one is James and Zach, I love this photo.

Here are the kids all looking very glamours. From the left, Alex, niece, niece, Rebbecca, nephew and Jamie in the front.

James and I with the bride and groom. With a close up of the brides gorgeous dress.

And here is the Bridal Party. No bridesmaids or grooms men. No speeches. Just simple and very elegant.



Mel Hanlon said...

ahh, I love weddings - we are going to one next month, and I am so excited! And didnt the bride's dress look great! Wow!

Robyn said...

Gorgeous! TFS!

Louise said...

Lovely! Although I think you meant "Bridal" party, rather than the thing you use when you ride a horse! LOL

Leanne said...

Oh boy. The bride has the WOW factor goin' on. She's stunning. The boys look soooo handsome in their suits. Will definately have to get one for Matthew for the cruise. And you Leah, your dress looks gorgeous too but I will have to see it in real life! Love Leanne.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunty Leah this is the 1st time ive checked your Stampin' Up blog thingy out and its pretty cool.
All your cards are really nice.
Love Nina xox