Sunday, September 6

Happy Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day, I made a gorgeous card at Julie's Launch Party for the kids to give their Dad. You can see it here, just scroll down a little. Today is also my Mother in-laws birthday so we are having a double celebration today. She asked us not to get her a present but it's still nice to give a little something so I made her a set of Christmas cards. Now she won't have to buy any.
Here are some from the set.

Tree trimmings.

A Holly Jolly Christmas.

Happy Christmas Mate.

Hope your doing something fun today.
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Debbie M said...

What an amazing idea for a gift for her - I bet she loved it!!! I started making a box of cards for a friend for her birthday (in February) and still haven't finished it LOL and it only has 6 cards in it!!!

Debbie M

Leanne said...

Oooooh WOW Leah! I love all of them. Brilliant idea of yours to give that as a gift. How lucky to have you for a Daughter-in-law!

Lynda S said...

I love these cards Leah. Tree Trimmings I hold close. I have had it for over a month and not inked it yed (bad me!!) All of them are fun and playful and are a fantastic gift. You've done a brilliant job!!

Liam said...

I love the christmas cards they look amazing.