Tuesday, November 24

From Tereesa.

I just have to show you this gorgeous card I received from Tereesa for my birthday. She has put soooo much work into it and I love it. (Thank you Tereesa.) She has decided to start a blog so we'll be able to see a lot more gorgeous creations from her very soon. I'll keep you posted.

This is the outside of the card.

And this is the inside.

Here is the amazing card that was Tereesa's inspiration. Made by the lovely Karen Clayton as a thank you to us for hosting the Girls Night In. We really appreciate all the work put into making this awesome card. (Thanks so much Karen, we are very pleased that you enjoyed the night.)

The inside.

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Debbie M said...

OMG! this card is AMAZING! You are so lucky to receive this.

I am always looking for new and unsual cards and I think I may have found my next 'fling'

Debbie M

Leanne said...

Wow Leah, That's a super special card for a super special lady!