Monday, March 22

My new office space.

Hi, I really have caught the makeover bug. On the weekend I cleared out a corner of my craft room and turned it into an office space. The photo was taken before I put all my stuff on it, I'm really happy with how it looks. I plan to do the rest of the room but have to do it in stages. This is stage 1. There's a magnetic notice board, shelves, desk and I found a place mat, coasters and glasses in the new Stampin' Up! colour Rich Razzleberry. How good is that! I'll put pens and bits and pieces in the glasses. And of course the rest of the room is a huge mess. :)

This is Alex's bedroom makeover. He didn't make his bed real good and he doesn't want me to show everyone his private desk area, but you get the feel of the room from this photo.

Here is a close up of the print on his wall, is really wild. It has lots of weird things in it, one eyebrow is a paint brush and the other is a nail. Every time I look at it I can see something different. Alex is very happy with his new room.

This is a photo of Zach with his new toy storage unit. Jamie helped me build it, we had fun with the drill. Now his toys are under control ( I did get rid of quite a few things) I will rearrange his room so it works better. But that's next weekends job, I need a rest and the help of my decorator, my sister Karen.

Well I better go and clean up my craft room so I can do some stamping.
Have a great day.
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Louise Sutton said...

Looks like you and I have been living parallel lives lately! LOL. LOVE your new creative space! Love the grown up red/black theme in the updated bedroom for your son - looks fantastic. And I love me some IKEA, too! See you at Convention, Twin!

Leanne said...

Wow Leah! You really have the tidy bug. Looks great.