Thursday, May 27

Convention Swaps.

Good Morning, I've been a bit busy since I've been back from Convention with sharing a stall with Tereesa at the Biggest Morning Tea at school yesterday and just catching up with everything. So I have my Swaps I made for Convention to show you. Then in my next post I have all the highlights for you. Convention was awesome!

My first swap, I only made 5 of these as they were taking too long to make.

My second swap I made 40 of these. It's a single layer card using the reverse masking technique.
I received so many fantastic swaps which I'll show you soon.

Sharing my Passion.


Leanne. said...

Very good Leah. I was thinking about you all weekend but was glad I decided not to go to Convention 'cause it did take all weekend to get organised again after 2 weeks on the cruise. Love Leanne.

Liam said...

Beautiful swaps. I love them both. I am so glad you had an awesome time. It is always nice to hear about it after the event. I love both swaps. I am surprised the first one was taking too long but I guess making a huge heap can get time consuming.