Friday, June 11

Happy Birthday Margaret.

Yesterday was my good friend Margaret's birthday. She has a very special friendship with Zach my almost 3 year old, so Zach wanted to make a special card for her. I made the base for him and just let him go wild with punched out pieces. Zach had so much fun making this card. I think he is very artistic.

Just a short post today as it's my daughters 13th birthday today and we are heading out for dinner shortly. Part of her present is a girls only shopping spree at DFO tomorrow. I think I am more excited than she is.
Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with Sunday Scrap.

Sharing my Passion


Natasha said...

Awesome job Zach!! I think you and Luana would have a great time making cards together :)

Mel Makes Pretty said...
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Liam said...

What a great job for Zach. i should try that with my son. I usually make my son use butcher's paper and stamp images all over and wrap the kids presents with the paper he designed. He loves that because he knows he made it. I will try that with my cards now. Great idea.