Monday, November 22

Just back...

...from a long weekend away. Christine, Marcelle, Carly & I went up the coast for a card making weekend. It was so much fun, we laughed, talked & talked, ate way too much junk food ( starting diet today) and we even made a few cards. We each made about 50 cards. Woo Hoo! I was amazed at the amount, it does help when you have a plan. I will show you my cards in upcoming posts. But for today I have a couple of photo's of our room, we pushed all the furniture back against the wall and set up our tables in the middle.

Here are the tables all set up and ready to begin, they didn't stay tidy for very long.

The weather was a bit wet but that didn't worry us. I have to show you the best All Day Big Breaky I have ever seen. We stopped at a little petrol station restaurant on the way up and Christine got all this for just $11 and that plate was huge. She did a great job of getting through most of it.

So a big thank you to Christine for inviting me, being my chauffeur, bringing an extra table for me and for not singing that Christmas song again. :) Thank you Marcelle for your great ideas & inspiration & cooking us a very yummy almost healthy dinner. Thank you Carly for you Black Eyed Peas CD ( bad radio & TV reception up there), for entertaining us with your face book quotes and for putting up with us oldies.

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Bronwyn Eastley said...

Sounds like you had heaps of fun and made 50 cards??? Amazing!!