Monday, November 29

New Look & Awards.

Hi, so don't you just love my blogs new Christmas look!  I spent quite a few hours last night getting it right. With less than a month until Christmas it will help us get into the Christmas spirit. We are putting our new big tree up on Wednesday, our little one is looking a bit sad., It doesn't really feel like Christmas until the tree is up. I have also added a few new links on the side bar so if you haven't had a look there for a while go and check it out.

I have been very fortunate to receive 2 blog awards recently.
This first one is the " I got the Attitude Blog Award" given to me by a lovely friend and very talented paper crafter Tracey, check out her blog Trace-Elementz  here. Thanks so much Tracey.
 Receiving this award means I have to tell you three things that make me "me" and pass it along. This is quite hard.
 1. I am an easy going, caring person.
 2. I am very patient person.
 3. And I would not be me without my 4 fantastic kids. If I didn't have them  I would be ... someone else.
Now I would like to pass this award onto a few blogs that I think have Attitude and really cute cards.

Click on the link to visit these blogs.

This next Award is the Best Blog Friends Forever Award, given to me by my BBFF Sonia. Check out Sonia's blog here. Thank you Sonia, this is a really cool award.

Now I need to pass this on and this is very, very hard because I have made some wonderful friends in blog land who I think will be friends forever. I would like to pass it back to Sonia, but I don't think that's allowed.

Click on the link to visit these blogs.

That's it from me today but make sure you check back on Wednesday 1st December for the new Summer Mini catalogue and a new Stampin' Up! promotion. Exciting!

Sharing my passion.


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Aaaaaw! Leah, that is very sweet of you. Love the festive look of your blog at the moment!!

Paula said...

I totally agree with Bron Leah! Thank you so much for the lovely award, you have made my day!

Cheryl said...

Thanks so much Leah, I feel very honoured, your chrissy blog looks fantastic.

9 2 midnight said...

OOOO raadahhh thanks heaps Leah, That's my very first blog award ever.... Keep up the lovely stuff you do :D

Jenny said...

Wow! I am so thrilled. Thank you so much. You have made my day, no! my week. I am learning blogging as I go - do I name 3 things and forward awards to others? Did I mention how thrilled I was:) Jenny B xxx

Shelley said...

Thanks so much Leah I feel very honoured and you have made my week, I love all the cards and pages that you do and I love to leave comments and I love your new blog might have to check one out for mine...I am going to organise a Pamper Day for Tereesa for when Alyssa gets home if you want to donate...