Tuesday, July 27

Thanks Teressa.

This is such a cute award, thanks so much Teressa for passing it on to me. I'm so excited! Check out Teressa's blog Up Late 2 Create here for all her beautiful projects.

1. Thanks the person who gave you this award.
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things that you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award onto.

Things I love about myself: (this is hard)
1. I love that I am an easy going person and love being a Mum.
2. I love that I am able to stay at home for my kids and have a flexible, fun job sharing my passion for stamps and paper craft.
3. I love spending time with friends & family. They are so special to me.

A picture I love.
This is Zach when he first started crawling, I love his cute chubby cheeks.

5 people who have beautiful blogs you should definitely have a look at these.
1. Liam - Inspirestampin
5. Bronwyn - addINKtive Designs
That's it from me for now, have a great day.
Sharing my Passion


Sonia G said...

Oh Thank you for such a wondeful award!

I am glad to know that you enjoy my blog!


Jenny Hayward said...

Thanks so much for your award Leah. That's really special and has made my day!

Jenny xx

Liam said...

Thanks so much Leah for the award. I will be back on my blog to post it. Just may take a while still getting things back to normal after camp.


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Hi Leah. Thanks so much for this very sweet award. It made my day.